Debbie Van Der Putten

by debbievanderputten

Interview I did a while ago!



Debbie van der Putten gives us an insight into her life as a fashion model with a difference.

Have you seen any change in the way the fashion industry represents and caters for people with disabilities?

Not much, It has been 5 years since BBC three broadcasted “Britain’s Missing Top Model” and we’ve only seen the winner of that show in the high fashion magazines once, as part of her prize when she won. We haven’t seen much campaigns or catwalks including disability since, off course around the Paralympics disability was hot, but as quick as the games disappeared disability in advertising disappeared! Thank god there are amazing fashion diversity campaigns like “All walks beyond the catwalk” and my own campaign IMperfect here to promote diversity in fashion.

Also I’ve been talking to loads off fashion students lately and they are very open minded, as they…

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