Hollywood ready for Diversity?

by debbievanderputten

Is hollywood ready for model diversity? And Disability in Film Media and Advertising?
Well to be honoust I dont know, I’m in Hollywood for 6 days now that have been fully booked with paid jobs in Modelling so you would think they are ready.
But when you try to approach media, talent agency or modelling agency we don’t get any responce!
I think we have such a positive story to share and its time to have some amazing talented role models!
Thanks to my amazing american contact Everetta Days we have the oppurtunity to meet with a big talent agency today.
Please keep you fingers crossed that they are able to sign us and help us spread the word!
I cant wait to get back here, the past few days have just been too amazing and have shown everybody that it is posible as long as you believe in it!