Rebekah Marine to Join Debbie and Shaholly to promote #DisabilityinHollywood

by debbievanderputten

Great News! On friday I’ll be flying out to Los Angeles to promote Disability in media and fashion with amazing fellow model Shaholly Ayers from Hawaii.
After my wonderfull and succesful time in Rome at the Modelle e Rotelle show I’m very excited to go Hollywood and try to to chance the perceptions of beauty over there.

Ten days ago I recieved an email from another beginning model called Rebekah she asked me if she could join me and Shaholly on our promotion tour. She is a very beautiful girl so she’ll be joing us for a few days

Like Shaholly Ayers, Rebekah Marine was also born an upper extremity amputee below the right elbow. She got her start in modeling just 2 years ago when a friend offered to do a photo shoot with her. Since then, she has been speaking to people about embracing their own insecurities through her Facebook fan page.

For Rebekah, modeling didn’t come easy. It wasn’t until she turned 24 that she realized that she could inspire so many people – including other amputees all over the world. “It’s not easy being vulnerable and letting the world see something I’ve always tried hiding, but now I find it empowering. I enjoy talking to people about my disability; I feel like people have a better understanding of me now.” In the future, she hopes to be able to travel the world to motivate people to embrace who they truly are and to see more disabled models in the media.