Press Presentation Modelle e Rotelle

by debbievanderputten


I just visited the press presentation for Modelle e Rottele, during the press presentation we got a little inside on how the event was started the 20 disabled models got introduced to us.

During the fashionshow the girls will models designs from topdesigners as Roberto Balestra, Ciambella, Gai Mattiolo and Massimo Crivelli.

Within the show there will be a competition for the Models each pair (Disabled + Straightsize model ) will be judged by proffesionals one of the judges is the director of Miss Italia.
At the end of the show there will be one pair that wins a Cruise.

The show is also a fundraiser for Vertical the biggest Italian organisation that does research to spinal injuries , 60 percent of the models is using a wheelchair because of spinal cord injury. The others 40 percent because of other disabilities.

There are going to be over 800 guest, the event will be covered by local, national and international media with big sponsors as L’oreal its guarenteed for succes!

I’m looking forward for the show tomorrow.