Ideal Home Christmas show 2012 catwalk features Disabled Models

by debbievanderputten


Models of Diversity is back after a very succesful billboard campaign during the paralympic games earlier this year, four of our disabled models will be taking the Ideal Home Show christmas catwalk this week in a bid to persuade some of the country’s top women’s magazines that they should be featuring on their front covers.

The four women will be part of a 20-strong line-up put together by the campaigning organisation Models of Diversity, which wants to see more diversity in the modelling world.

Allthough we all saw the success of the London 2012 Paralympics had opened the public’s eyes to the talents of disabled people, we still don’t see disability in fashion.

Established in 2009 Models of Diversity is the campaign promoting greater diversity in the media and on the catwalk. We’re for more models of colour, plus size, older models, petite and less able models. We campaign on the street and hold fashion shows to prove there’s beauty in a much wider range of models than the industry seems to recognise.

Angel Sinclair, MOD’s founder, said she was “shocked and disappointed” that the fashion industry had failed to use a single disabled model during this year’s London Fashion Week, thankfully one of our models Faye Povey did appear on the catwalk during Liverpool Fashion Week.

Angel Sinclair who is supporting disabled models from all over the world launched a big billboard campaign in London during the paralympics featuring a model with a disability to generate awareness.


The billboard image and message was provoking, memorable but NOT shocking.
Whilst our model Debbie van der Putten represented models of disability, both Varina and Iga where there to create a balance and ability on the board and NOT as supporting role. All three fit the Models of Diversity profile and therefore each is intrinsic to the campaign.

With the launch of the campaign she said: “The Paralympics challenges previous notions of who can be an athlete. It is the ideal setting to get people thinking about who can be a model. How often do we see a model in a magazine, in an advert or on the catwalk with a disability? It’s unfair on those models and doesn’t represent society; our street surveys showed 68% of people believed there should be more models with a disability in the fashion and beauty industry.
This might be the only time people see a disabled model this year and I’m proud to be able to demonstrate disability is no barrier to beauty.”

Unfortunately she was right after the paralympics disapeard we haven’t seen one.

Time for change, Models of Diversity has invited Cosmopolitan, Grazia, MORE and Prima magazines to watch this week’s Earls Court catwalk shows, we at Models of Diversity believe The media to see these girls in action. And we are not going to stop until these girls get signed by a UK agency and they start to get work.

There will be two MOD catwalk shows on Thursday 15 November, and a third one on Sunday 18 November.

Few of the models featured are

Debbie van der Putten: Spokesperson for the Models of Diversity Campaign, Face of the Paralympics MoD billboard campaign, BBC Britain’s Missing Top Model, Fudge Hair Products, DiDi fashion retailers Holland and Belgium, Playboy and many more.

Faye Povey: Models of Diversity talent, Liverpool fashionweek, Iluminati Jeans


And New Talent Sarah McCann.

If you would like to know more about this exciting event or about Models of Diversity in general we would welcome the opportunity of an interview.

Friendly Greetings, The Models of Diversity team!

For Interview request, more info on the campaign or on Models of Diversity please contact:

Angel: 07932 079 974