Back again!

by debbievanderputten

Hello London!

I’m back again for the fourth time in less then three weeks I’m in my favourite city In the world.
Completely knackered from travelling a lot recently, thank god its jucst a one hour flight from Hollan but I’m very excited.

I’ve got an amazing week ahead, offcourse I’m promoting Models of Diversity, I’m going to do a big interview with Channel4 on their breakfast show about models with disabilities and why I think it’s redicoulous that we see adverts including disabled models everywhere in the city at the moment but in a few weeks everyone seems to forget about the disabled consumer again, and I’m having some photoshoots for exciting new projects!

And offcourse I’m going to visit the paralympics its going to be my first paralympics ever besides my modelling I’ve been volunteering at big sports events for years now and I had the honour to work at the worldcup wheelchairtennis, e-hockey and WC disabled swimming besides those events I’ve got a friend that plays wheelchair basketbal so I hope I can visit as much sportsevents as posible!

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