Bye bye Italy, Alta Moda Rome Be back soon!

by debbievanderputten

Yesterday was my last day in Italy for Models of Diversity,
I’ll flew back home in the afternoon to do a fashionshow today in The Netherlands to promote disabled models today, after a very short night slleping in my own bed I’m allready stuck in another hotel on the dutch coastline
About my trip to La Bella Italia I’ve only got one thing to say I fell in love with this country!!
Everyone over here is so friendly, the food and wine is Amazeballs, and the fashion is sooo classy and sophisticated!
I loved all the fashion shows we saw at Alta Roma Alta Moda and the young designers that graduated at Koefia are very promissing for the future of Italian Couture!
Here are a few of my favourite designs of the Koefia Designs




And some pictures of me and Alessandro visiting the shows!



On my last day in Italy I’ve did an shoot with Alessandro Capoccietti the phothographer that invited Models of Diversity to come over to promote the campaign in Italy.
We are shooting the most beautiful bridal couture, another dream coming true I felt like a princess during the shoot so can’t wait to see the results!
It’s looking FAB!!!
Here’s a little sneak preview backsage video!

Ps the food backstage was LUSH!

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