What a month for the Disabled Models and Models of Diversity

by debbievanderputten

What a crazy busy and hectic month it was for me and the world called Models of Diversity!
After being part of the Curves in Couture show in November I stayed in contact with MoD founder Angel Sinclair, I love her for being who she is and what she does and is trying to do in the modelling industry.
I was very honoured when she asked me to be a part of the Ideal Home Show and even more honoured when she called me three weeks ago and asked me to be the Spokesperson for the campaign!
The campaign means a lot to me as a disabled model, but also as a person..
Because of this campaign I now know that its not only the disabled models that are being discriminated in the world of fashion but also the models of colour, plussize, petit, mature and even to tall models.
I think we all agree that we need to see more diversity in the world of fashion and no I don’t want to ban the straightsize, size zero models but yes I do believe we should see a better representation of society.

Since I’ve been the spokesperson of the campaign I’ve had some amazing oppurtunities to speak about the campaign, who we are and what we do.
I went on the US TV-show called “You are the Supermodel” to talk about body diversity and the campaign it was a big succes as straight on we got many emails from girls over the world that wanted to know more about the campaign!

As a disabled model I’ve been concentrating myself on getting more disability in media we have some in AMAZING, talented and very pretty models in the UK like Shannon Murray who did a campaign for Debenhams, Sophie Morgan recently featured in the Stella McCarthney London 2012 campaign


and Kelly Knox winner of Britain’s Missing Top Model but for some reasons after one or two campaigns the british fashion world stopped using them.
I have got a feeling that disabled models are being used to shock and provocate instead of respecting them as part of a representation of the consumer.
And I see it as my responsibility to get the fashionworld to see that 10 per cent of their consumers have a disability, disability has a natural place in life so why shouldn’t it be part of their campaigns!?
I love the fact that some brands have used disabled models in the past and its a good beginning but we need to see it on a more regular base.
Its not about me becoming a topmodel, I would love it for me to be on the cover of a magazine or star in a big campaign but if its someone else get the job I’m happy to because I know I made the first baby steps to make it happen.
And I can’t tell you enough how good that feels!

After the big succes of Curves in Couture last year for our plussize models, this is gonna be the year of the disabled models.
With the amazing London 2012 platform we have this year we can show the world how diverse the UK is, and disability is fully accepted in every way shape or form.
Angel and I have been talking with Big brands and labels about using disabled models, but also magazines including a huge fashion magazine we’ll keep u updated on that on our twitter http://www.twitter.com/MoDsofDiversity
Also we scouted two amazing new Models, the beautiful Shaholly Ayers from Hawaii who is a proffesional model in Hawaii but want to see if she’s can take her carreer to the next level


and Grace Mandeville a 17 year old who has never modelled before but with a beautiful fresh unique look we can’t wait to testshoot her!

I know for sure these two girls are going to be big and we are very proud we can represent them through our campaign!

We also got great news from Kelly Knox the winner of Britain’s Missing Top Model she just did a lovely campaign from a shoppingcentre in Oslo, Norway and can be seen on billboards all over the city
The campaign is called Tenk Nytt and it means think new Kelly and disabled model from norway Siv Toverod both look lovely in it Well Done Kelly!

Next month is going to be another crazy month I’m going to be attending as a special guest star / model at Bo Carter’s Shop Opening, do shoots all over the country with top photographers and ofcourse the Rock the runway show!

We’re still seeking experienced catwalk models for Rock the Runway on June 2nd in Brighton. Audition this Saturday 19th May – attendance is a must.

Confirmed press at the event so far:

South East Today TV
BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey –
ETC mag
Dish Network USA ,.

Evening Argus
Stylist Mag
Source Mag
So Brighton & Hove mag

Location: London, United Kingdom

Payment details: expenses paid
Email info@modelsofdiversity.org

At this moment We are making the change, and I’m very thankfull to be part of it but we can’t do it without you all please do keep spreading the word, follow us on twitter and join our facebookgroup and don’t forget to sign our petition on http://www.change.org/petitions/conde-nast-media-group-we-need-to-see-more-diverse-models-in-the-fashion-magazines thank you!

I’ll keep you all updated on my crazy but fun adventure with MoD and hope to see you all soon,

Love from Holland, XO

Debs xxx